Investment Process

Investment Selection Process

Our rigorous selection process proactively identifies businesses within our target manufacturing sectors that have a strong potential for growth and a stable cash flow. D’Orazio Holdings, LLC leverages investment banks, industry relationships and M&A professionals to generate its strong flow of quality acquisition targets.

As a result, we have been provided the opportunity to be selective in our investments and have a track record of effectively executing proprietary transactions. Identifying and acquiring strong businesses, within our investment parameters, is the foundation for successful investments and allows for the immediate execution of operational and growth initiatives.

Investment Thesis

“It is vitally important to include our Operating Executives in developing and refining an investment thesis. Our team have tremendous industry experience and are key in identifying areas of potential value creation.”

After identifying strong potential targets, our investment team collaborates with our Operating Executives to begin crafting an investment thesis for each target. Leveraging our experience is a key component in developing each targets investment approach. Although each targets thesis is different, we have garnered experience and success in several key areas:

  • Product launches
  • Refining go-to-market strategy
  • Diversification of end markets / customers / suppliers
  • ERP implementation
  • Workflow optimization

Thesis Execution

Our Operating Executives have over 120 years of experience executing strategic initiatives in several different types of businesses, end markets, and sizes, from large publicly traded companies to small privately held businesses. Prior to a transaction’s close, our executives and investment professionals begin working with management teams to start planning for thesis execution by developing detailed short-term and long-term strategies and goals.

We have found this approach has been effective and efficient, allowing us to begin generating additional value shortly after each transaction closes. Over the course of the investment, Operating Executives work directly with management teams to ensure the investment thesis is executed upon.

Management Strategy

Communication between our team at D’Orazio Holdings, LLC and the management teams at our portfolio companies is crucial for a successful investment. We believe open communication is the most important factor in developing strong relationships between our investment teams, Operating Executives, and portfolio company management teams.

In addition to recurring meetings, we remain available at all times to assist with any issues that may arise at any of our portfolio companies. Professional candor is key in identifying the source of and efficiently developing a solution for any potential issue.

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