Chicago, Illinois, July 26, 2017 – D’Orazio Capital Partners, LLC (“DCP”) is pleased to announce that GLM Energy Services, LLC (“GLM”) was named Alyeska Pipeline’s 2017 Atigun Award Contractor-Partner of the Year.

For more than 30 years, GLM has offered service and repair support to industrial companies, and specifically oil and gas companies. Its clients stretch across Alaska, the Continental U.S., and around the world. GLM sells complete products and parts and perform disassembles, inspections, rebuilds, overhauls, and special machining and repairs, among many other services.

“GLM provides the complete gamut of rotating equipment services related to our repair work,” said Jerry DeHaas, Alyeska’s senior discipline engineer advisor. “They’re really good at what they do.”

“Whatever we need, whenever we need it, they just continue to come through for us,” explained Pam Chenier, Alyeska’s purchasing supervisor. “Whether it’s a pump or gearbox from the ’70s, a diesel generator from the ’80s or state-of-the-art power generating equipment, they have the technical expertise, drive and facility to repair the item and help us keep the oil flowing,” Chenier said.

“It’s a big honor for GLM to receive the Atigun Award to recognize a contractor partnership,” said Anthony Brough, P.E., operating executive for DCP and president of Dora Partners & Company, LLC. “It reinforces our commitment to our customers and the timely delivery of high quality services at reasonable prices,” Brough added. “And it shows the importance of our relationship with Alyeska.”

Brough added, “The key to GLM’s success is offering in-state support. Alaska’s oil and gas customers were isolated in terms of support. GLM saw that opportunity, and it has remained highly focused on its Alaska-based companies. With Alyeska, GLM teamed up to co-develop replacement parts that help reduce repair risk and net cost. This really is a unique partnership.”

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