Chicago, Illinois, May 8, 2017 – D’Orazio Capital Management, Inc (“DCM”) today announced that it completed the March 31, 2017 sale of an affiliate company, MBI Tools, LLC (“MBI Tools”), to WolfePak Investments, LLC, (“WolfePak”) a Lemont-based private investment firm. “Though MBI Tools has been a valuable part of our direct equity holdings, this divestiture allows us to focus on developing and growing our core manufacturing investments,“ said James Colbert, operating executive for DCM. “Our mission is to make good companies better, and I am pleased with the improvements we registered at MBI Tools. The company is now well-positioned to continue its growth independently.”

“We are excited about the acquisition of MBI Tools, and we look forward to continuing to expand the business,” commented Justin Wolfe, president of WolfePak. “MBI Tools is a company with quality products and a strong position in a growing market. We are proud to be part of a well-known name in the roofing industry.”

About MBI Tools, LLC
MBI Tools manufactures premium innovative roofing tools, designed by roofers so its products outperform the competition. Founded in 1999 with an entrepreneurial spirit, MBI Tools produces all its offerings in the USA which can be found in over 600 stores nationwide including Home Depot, ABC Supply, and Yoder Supply.

For more information on MBI Tools, please visit MBI Tools.

About D’Orazio Capital Management, Inc.
D’Orazio Capital Management, Inc., is a direct investment group based in Chicago, Illinois. DCM invests only the firm’s capital into companies not meeting the mandate of its affiliate private equity group, D’Orazio Capital Partners, LLC, due to special situations resulting from extensive operational turnarounds or financial restructuring needs. DCM is a patient investment group providing a longer holding period than that of the private equity group.

For more information on DCM, please contact Dourin Reyhana, at or visit D’Orazio Capital.