D’Orazio Capital Management focuses on special situations requiring extensive operational turnarounds or financial restructuring needs.

Direct Equity

D’Orazio Capital Management, Inc. (“DCM”), our direct equity group, invests in companies not meeting the investment criteria of our private equity group, D’Orazio Capital Partners, LLC. DCM‘s investments focus on special situations requiring extensive operational turnarounds or financial restructuring needs. Deploying only the firm’s capital, DCM is a patient investment group providing a longer holding period than that of our private equity group.

Brilliant Creative Fabrication, LLC

Brilliant Creative Fabrication, LLC (“Brilliant”) offers comprehensive design, fabrication, and production services to clients in its core markets of theme parks, casinos, museums, high-definition broadcast, and high-end retail. Brilliant’s museum-quality techniques in cabinetry and millwork give them an advantage in fabricating a variety of architectural facades and storefronts. Using skills in structural design and engineering, coupled with a broad knowledge of building materials, Brilliant’s carpentry shop continually produces monumental projects such as scenic reproductions of pirate ships and fighter jets. Located in Orlando, Florida, Brilliant’s team of over 60 craftspeople, artists, technicians, engineers, and managers have worked together over many years creating some of the most recognized installations in the business.   

CR Coatings & Logistics Management Group, LLC

CR Coatings & Logistics Management Group, LLC (“CR Coatings”) is a contract service provider that supplies the highest level of quality and safety to its manufacturing customers. CR Coatings uses statistical process controls to define, measure, and manage variations in processes to provide consistent results, whether in the form of on-site paint line management, intra-plant logistics, packaging, warehousing, inventory controls, or comprehensive quality inspections. Based in Chicago, Illinois, CR Coatings also ensures its customers realize cost reductions and productivity enhancements throughout each step of the process.

DORA Partners & Company, LLC

DORA Partners & Company, LLC (“DORA Partners”) is a multi-discipline, energy-centric consulting firm specializing in marketing, business development, business improvement, engineering, and project management. The deeply experienced team at DORA Partners leverages its analytic, marketing, business development, and extensive industry relationships to bring business growth strategies and opportunities to its Fortune 1,000 clients. Based in Joliet, Illinois, DORA Partners serves investors and management consultants; energy companies and OEMs; and independent service providers.  


Peerless of America II, Inc.

Peerless of America II, Inc. (“Peerless”) is a major supplier of heat transfer products to the automotive, aerospace, off-road truck, heavy equipment, and residential and commercial refrigeration markets. With its manufacturing and corporate offices located in Effingham, IL, Peerless sets the standard for reliability and dependability for on-time delivery, quality, and continued advancement in new design and product application.

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